Halloween at PPAS

Because of the spirit of creativity in our community, we have a tradition of allowing students to wear costumes to PPAS for one day in the Halloween season. We want to continue this tradition as it brings joy and unity to our school, and it may be the only opportunity for some students to celebrate the holiday. Below is our plan for this year. This is completely optional for students.

Days to wear a costume:

  • Wednesday, October 28 for A Day
  • Thursday, October 29 for B Day
  • Friday, October 30 for C Day

Rules for wearing a costume:

  • With the exception of the mandated ‘COVID’ mask that covers the mouth and nose, no masks are allowed that cover the entire face or eyes.  We do allow hats and other types of headgear.
  • No makeup that covers the entire face so as to make you unrecognizable is allowed.  Light make up is permissible (cheek/forehead scars, eye-shadow, etc.)
  • No costume that breaks our school dress code, including excessively short shorts or skirts, bare backs, excessive midriffs, or excessive exposure of under garments.
  • No accessories that will qualify as weapons, even if plastic or toy-like:  swords, guns, wands, bats, etc.  If any student has anything like this, it will be confiscated at the door, and may not be returned to you.
  • Do not bring in candy or any food to share with others.

The senior class will be running a virtual costume competition – more details to come on how to submit your pictures. Seniors will also be selling candy – store bought, packaged, and wiped down to maintain COVID safety.

All COVID safety rules will remain in place on these days: COVID mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing routines.

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