Expanded Horizons College Success

From Ms. Nieves:

I want to share with you some awesome information about a summer success program. Here is the information below.

The Expanded Horizons College Success program is recruiting current 9th and 10th graders!

Our final information session of the school year for interested students is Friday, March 19th at 4:30pm. Interested students must register for the info session HERE.

Please reach out to EHorizonsHSS@gmail.com with any Expanded Horizons-related questions!

About Expanded Horizons:
The Expanded Horizons College Success program at Henry Street Settlement is a comprehensive eight-year program designed to ensure that high school students are a) college-ready and admitted to a college that fits their interests and abilities, and b) successfully graduating from that post secondary institution on time.

Expanded Horizons is currently recruiting students who are:
– 9th and 10th graders
– Living and/or attending school on the Lower East Side (with few exceptions)
– Interested in receiving assistance in choosing best fit colleges through individualized counseling
– Interested in youth leadership, social justice, and participating in additional program events and opportunities
– Able to commit to attending after school programming at least 1-2 days a week

Let me know if you need any help with the application. 
Ms. Nieves 

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