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and leave your mark for years!THE GOAL IS TO RAISE
for our Students,
their academics, and their arts!

Participation to date ~ $12,142

Every dollar and Every donation helps?
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Each family matters and each family helps to build our community.Through the annual fund, the PTA contributes $15,000 to each of our arts partners: Dance, Drama, Musical Theater, and Vocal, to enhance the arts programs and supplement the DOE’s budget.

The Film Major is a new arts partner requiring an additional $15,000 contribution.

(PPAS will not receive any additional DOE funds for this major)
The PPAS PTA’s mission is to support our children and each other! 
Finding a way to support this exciting major and all of the other initiatives is how we PTA!



Give as much as you feel comfortable with, but no matter what, please give!
We strive for 100% participation, which helps us become more successful in our grant-writing efforts.

The more we raise FOR our students –
the more we give TO our students! 
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