Tutoring Club

To tutor or be tutored… that is the question!

Would you like free tutoring in any of your academic classes?

Would you like to tutor other students in your strongest subjects?

Tutors, please remember that tutoring will count as community service at PPAS and will look great on your college applications!

Google Classroom code: w644ydn

The Tutoring Club
Co-Presidents: Image, Oleg Laskov, Morgan Peters, Fardin Mahi
Faculty Adviser: Ms. Testerman

Need a Tutor?

Finding yourself overwhelmed with attendance questions and online exams?

The Tutors and Tutees Club is the place for you.

Whether you can’t tell apart a circle and a square, or forget how to tie your shoes, our mission is to assist students in achieving all their academic and personal goals.

With a long list of semi qualified and eager tutors, our club can provide you assistance in Math, ELA, the daunting SAT, and even guidance in nutrition and fitness (courtesy of Morgan Peters).

Whether you wish to tutor or be tutored, be on the lookout for announcements from your teachers, so we can begin to improve our lives, grades, and college resumes together.

Please complete this form if you are interested.

– Cochairs: Image, Mahi, Morgan, and Oleg

Pre-Med Club

Pre-Med Club is back this year!  

Our mission statement: Anyone who is interested in science and/or wants to be in the medical field, come join the Pre-med club! In our club you will learn about what doctors do, the kinds of places they work, jobs they have, and tools and resources they use to help people stay well or get better when they are sick. We’ll talk about what you can do to help get on a path to apply to medical school and learn about medicine in your community.

Please go to our google classroom link for more information and to join us.

Thank you so much,

Kassaundra Ferm, founder and co-president

Self-Esteem Rising Club

Hello Everyone! 

We are Maria Palagian and Mollie Grodsky. We are sophomores and presidents of the new club called The Self Esteem Rising Club! We are so excited to start and can’t wait to meet you all. 

To be great in every other aspect of your life, you have to be good with yourself. This club is going to focus on self confidence, growth, and loving yourself. 

To join us, please visit us on Google classroom.

Thanks, and please join us if you are interested!

Yours Warmly,
Maria and Mollie

Veterinary Club

Dear PPAS Students,

Hi, all! My name is Gabby. I’m a ninth grader with interest in both performing arts and veterinary studies.

I am starting the vet club at PPAS this year and would love it if you could join. You don’t have to want to be a vet to join this club; you don’t even have to know anything about animals… hopefully you do, though, because you are one! All that’s required is that you care for animals and the environment. Our meetings will be bi-weekly, every other Thursday from 5:00-5:45. Our first meeting will be Thursday, December 3, at 5:00 PM. The focus of the vet club is studying anything relating to endangered species, prevention of animal cruelty, and animal wellness in general. There will be a different focus every week in the google classroom (e.g., petitions to sign, documentaries to watch, etc.). I will post a topic and resources every other Tuesday for us to learn and then talk about in our Zoom meetings. Here is the Google Classroom link. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding the vet club.

I look forward to learning with you!


Foodie Club

If you’re interested in food, welcome to the PPAS Foodie Club!

NYC is quite a melting pot when it comes to experiencing cuisines from all around the world. Whether you are a picky or adventurous eater, you are encouraged to contribute to our community by sharing your passions for all things food. How can you contribute? Below are just a few of many things!

  • Try a new restaurant and blog about it here. Support the local businesses and spread the word giving us opportunities to check them out!
  • Want to try a particular cuisine? Ask about it here and we can recommend some good local places!
  • Share some photos of the food from restaurants you visit or photos of homemade dishes (including the recipes is always a plus!).
  • Post information on opportunities to donate food or to get involved in some community service by volunteering at shelters/soup kitchens.
  • Provide us recommendations on food related shows.
  • Write about the connections between food and your culture.

If you are interested in joining the Foodie Club please contact Mr. Perlmutter at jperlmutter@ppasshare.org

Be on the lookout for future updates from us. Looking forward to this, and we hope you get to enjoy the club throughout the year!