Drama 2 Plays

Below are the ticket links to purchase tickets to our Drama 2 shows! 

King John will be opening this Thursday, Feb. 2nd @7pm.

King John 
Directed by James Palmer
Stage Management by Angelie Rodriguez
Assistant Directed by Dianna Zorek
Stage Management Mentorship by Kaelin Fuld

Show Dates:
Thurs, Feb. 2nd @ 7pm
Fri, Feb. 3rd @ 2pm & 7pm
Sat, Feb. 4th @ 7pm

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Henry IV 
Directed by Amara Aja
Stage Management by Rebecca Berger
Assistant Director/Stage Managed by Fiona Grand
Sound Design by Johnny Hamilton-Janak

Thurs, Feb. 9th @ 7pm
Fri, Feb. 10th @ 2pm & 7pm
Sat, Feb. 11th @ 7pm

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New Play: Kill the Messenger

Cast of Kill the Messenger

Waterwell’s 12th Annual New Works Lab!

Each year, Waterwell’s New Works Lab program commissions a professional playwright to write a complex, thematically rich new play for the senior class of Waterwell Drama Students as their culminating experience at PPAS.

Proud to Introduce…Playwright Liz Morgan & New Play Kill The Messenger!

Playwright Liz Morgan

Q: Where did you find the inspiration behind Kill The Messenger
A: Thinking about Covid, people’s response to crisis and the rules that we make, and then the history of our responses to crisis: how we decide what safety means, what are the rules around who even gets a say about policy, and the exhaustion of trying to figure it all out in a way that mitigates harm. All of the sudden, Noah’s Ark just started bubbling in my head. This was one idea that I wanted to bring to the students and see if they have similar interest in identity and policy and politics and how all of those things start to swirl together when people tell you ‘hey the world is in crisis’ or ‘hey the world is ending.’ How do different communities come together to devise and execute a plan that works for everybody?

Q: You had the opportunity to lead a series of devising workshops in the fall with the students. How did the devising workshops with the class of 2023 inform your writing?
A: So much of [the play] is inspired by what they did in the devising workshops. [There’s a certain scene] that was completely born out of the student’s invention. They showed me what kind of plots were exciting to them. Some individuals showed us what kinds of characters they excel at playing. One student in particular, after the workshops, I knew I had to write a villain for them to play because they were so talented at creating high status characters with a streak of evil. I found them very funny in the devising workshops which empowered me to write some biting satire- our first week was about discovering if we’re prepared to use comedy to talk about difficult topics. I’m still learning where my style and the aesthetics of the class intersect.

Q: Inspiration behind the piece (cont.)
A: I’ve always felt like the animal kingdom has been a great reminder for me that there are so many other ways to build family, to build community, to decide who’s the hunter and who’s the gatherer, and so that obsession for me definitely played out when I wrote. [The play is] putting on stage some of those connections so people can start to think a little bit more about what we’re doing in the human world by looking at the animals.

Kill The Messenger Synopsis: An apocalyptic flood of biblical proportions is on its way, and there is only one person who can save mankind: Noah Banks, a famous megachurch preacher with access to a swanky superyacht. As his community of family and friends struggle and scheme — each to secure a place on this modern-day ark — news spreads throughout the animal kingdom that their salvation is in the hands of Noah and his God as well. What ensues is a fight between the power of faith and the power of the masses to decide the fate of planet earth and its inhabitants of every kind. 

LIZ MORGAN is a multi-hyphenate theatre artist. Her plays have been developed with The Fire This Time Festival, The Lark, Fresh Ground Pepper, Liberation Theatre Company, Judson Arts, Rising Circle, Rites & Reason Theatre, and National Black Theatre where she was named a finalist for the I AM SOUL Playwrights’ Residency.

Liz’s plays include her solo show, Deep $h*t, as well as Deliver: Letters to the Motherland from a Foreign Body (2019 Kilroys List Honorable Mention), Breaking & EnteringA Matter of TasteOur Father and The Clark Doll which was nominated for a 2018 Drammy Award in the category of Best Original Script after its west coast premiere. www.LizMorganOnline.com

Practice SAT Exam

Atlas Prep is offering our class of 2024 students a free online practice SAT or ACT this Saturday, January 7th, from 9am-1pm.  

This gives you the opportunity to experience a college admissions test and grade it immediately after with the support of a live proctor. Further, it gives students a chance to experience the test before taking the ‘real thing’ in March.   

Free Online Practice SAT or ACT Exam
Saturday, January 7 from 9am-1pm
Students should register here

Please direct any questions to Atlas at Answers@AtlasTestPrep.com or call/text 716.299.8378 

Picture Day

Please mark your calendars for PPAS Picture Day:  Monday, December 19th.  Every child 6-11 grade will have their portrait taken to be included in the 2023 yearbook.  If you are interested in purchasing a school picture package, you should have heard from Portraits USA with details.  If you did not receive communication from Portraits USA and are interested in purchasing a package, please contact Teri Gindi at tgindi@ppasshare.org.

All students will also be called during the day for a group picture of their performing arts major (or middle school grade).

Also, any 12th grade student who still needs a senior portrait done can have it done this day.

Middle School Musical Tickets

Royal Blood – Middle School Musical
Written by Kevin Townley
Music & Lyrics by Josh Franklin
Directed by Kyle Pleasant
Music Direction by Marissa Davis
December 15th-17th

The country is in trouble. The top 5% of the population has all the wealth while the bottom 95% pays all the tax; there’s no medical care; and the police have turned against the people. To make matters worse, children have begun to vanish…and the reason is the greatest horror of them all. It’s France in 1750 and King Louis XV just might be a vampire! Peasants, priests, and philosophers (hey Voltaire!) must come together to learn that when a crisis is met with superstition rather than compassion we really do get vampires…after all, what is a vampire if not a rich bloodsucker with no capacity for reflection?

Save the Date for Gala – and Volunteer!

The PPAS Gala will be held on
Monday, May 15, 2023

But Don’t Delay . . .

Join The Gala Committee Today!


* Auction Team 8-10 people*


  • Requesting donations from previous donors
  • Soliciting new items for auction
  • Some data entry (Google/GiveSmart)

* Design/Decor/Costume 3-6 people*


  • Soliciting Donations for decor items
  • Creating pieces for fundraising and decorations
  • Corresponding with Committee Chairs regarding any potential purchases

* Administrative 1-2 people*


  • Updating GiveSmart event platform 
  • Connecting with Teams for progress reports
  • Corresponding with PTA president for any purchase requests
  • Creating volunteer schedules

* Graphics and Communications 1-2 people*


  • Designing Final Digital invitations/banners etc.
  • Assisting decor team with graphics needs
  • Communicating to the General PTA population
  • Creating a “touch point plan” for GALA-specific communication

* And…ACTION  8-12 people*

ALL THINGS DAY OF ~ Includes but is not limited to:

  • Assisting decor team with drop off and set up
  • Volunteering for 1 hour of “service” during the event
  • Available to help with any last-minute details or emergencies
  • Assist in breaking down after the event
  • Times will vary depending on availability