Thanks and Congratulations

We extend enormous thanks to outgoing board members:

VP of Membership:
Mike Grassotti

Musical Theater Delegate:
Ann Marie Menna

Vocal Delegate: Helen Stewart

Senior Delegates:
Lisa Hamilton & Rosa Jacquez

PPAS PTA Website Manager:
Carol Kassel

Our best wishes to the newly elected 2024-25 PPAS PTA Board Members:

President: Shawn Dell

Treasurer: Debbie Greenwald

Recording Secretary: Neal Sofge

VP of Communications:
Marisa Osorio

VP of Fundraising: Donna Dukes

VPs of Membership:
Jamie Campagnola & Mary Dennis

Dance Delegates:
Kristen Palmieri & Mildred Alcaide

Drama Delegate:
Jeff Cavalli

Film Delegates:
Yanet Cruz & Jodie Loverro

Vocal Delegates:
Eugenia Edwards &
Gwendolyn Kingsberry

Musical Theater Delegate:

Senior Delegates:
Leslie Hendricks & Melissa Silagyi

Junior Delegate: 

Sophomore Delegate: Laura Einhorn

Freshman Delegate:

Middle School Delegates:
Erin Clancy Balsamo & Kelly Heisler

SLT Members:
Mar Fitzgerald &
Carly Strelzik

Nominations for remaining open board positions can be made at the September PTA meeting with elections to follow in October.

Drama 1 Showcase

Come celebrate a year of hard work for an evening of short contemporary scenes performed by the 9th Grade of The Waterwell Drama Program! These students have been working with their instructor, Mr. Kelati, on excerpts from challenging texts including scenes from Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwrights such as David Lindsey-Abaire, John Patrick Shanley, and Stephen Adley Guirgis!

Get tickets here

Performance Information:
Professional Performing Arts School Blackbox (328 West 48th Street)
June 4th-5th @ 7pm

Farm to People Fundraiser

We’ve partnered with Farm To People to fundraise for PPAS!

April 21st – July 1st

Get started now! Sign up Here


Here’s how it works:

Every time you shop on Farm To People’s website from now until
July 1, 2024, 5 percent goes back to the PPAS PTA.

Make that a subscription to one of their weekly, bi-weekly or monthly farm boxes and that number becomes 10%.


Q: How do I join? 

A: To join our fundraiser, simply create an account on Farm to People, add whatever you want to your basket, and enter code: FARMTOPPAS upon checkout

Q: Do I need to enter the code every time I shop? 

A: Nope! Once you’ve used the code during the fundraising time period, you’re all set. Farm to People will automatically give back 5% or 10% accordingly on all subsequent orders until the end of the period.

Q: Do I have to subscribe? 

A: No, but for every 10 customers that subscribe to any item during the fundraiser, Farm to People will add a $250 bonus to our fundraising check. However, you can always shop any of the items à la carte, no subscription required.

Q: Who can join the fundraiser? 

A: Anybody who wants to support the fundraiser can join — friends, family and neighbors. Just spread the word and don’t forget to share our code!