Learn About Iran Protests

From our partner, Waterwell:

Last month, the morality police forcibly arrested Kurdish woman, Mahsa (Jina) Amini, for supposedly wearing her hijab “incorrectly.” Days later, after suffering through a 3-day coma, Jina died under the custody of the police. The details about her cause of death are still being investigated but this news sparked outrage amongst the Iranian people.

Heartbreakingly, a teenage protester, 16-year-old Nika Shakarami has also been killed while protesting for Jina and the right’s of other Iranian women. Many young people and protestors have sadly been severely injured or killed, as the Iranian government attempts to stop the protesting. 

Here is a news article by Bassé Digé, an Iranian woman, which further contextualizes the events with a cultural and personal lens.

Below is a list of people you can follow to STAY INFORMED. And, continue to SHARE the content and use hashtags #MahsaAmini and #NikiShakarami.

It is especially important to do so because authorities in Iran have shut down most access to the internet and social media.










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